English courses

Private or small group lessons

Open Many Doors offers:

  • General English courses for adults (18+) at the following levels (CEFR):
    • Elementary (A1-A2)
    • Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1)
    • Intermediate (B1-B2)
    • Upper Intermediate (B2)

      New: above courses (from Pre-Intermediate upwards) are now also available via Skype.
  • Courses for children (5-10 years) at three different levels, starting with Beginner's Level.
  • Individual Pronunciation Courses.
  • Individual tutoring for secondary school students.  

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Information about Assesment Free initial assessment. Careful one-hour intake procedure. Identification of your particular needs. Courses then specially developed for you.

Elementary Course

The Elementary Course gives a foundation of grammar and vocabulary for anyone who has had little or no experience of English. It is designed to help students become confident carrying out basic activities of daily living. Some of the topics covered:
  • introducing yourself and describing your family
  • going shopping
  • ordering at cafes and restaurants
  • discussing work and hobbies
  • using public facilities and transport
  • making phone calls

Pre-Intermediate Course

The Pre-Intermediate Course reviews the fundamental grammar and vocabulary learnt at Elementary Level and builds on it by presenting new grammatical structures and vocabulary. These are introduced using a wide range of everyday topics. A variety of activities provide the students with opportunities to put their language skills into practice. Some of the topics covered:
  • health and lifestyle
  • socialising
  • study and work
  • emailing and phone conversations

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Course is aimed at students who have a good basic knowledge of English. A variety of reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises are used to help consolidate language already learnt while also introducing more sophisticated grammatical structures and vocabulary. At this level, students are also challenged to improve spoken fluency through discussions, role-plays and presentations. Some of the topics covered:
  • culture and education
  • work and study
  • sport and media
  • personality and manners

Upper-Intermediate Course

The Upper-Intermediate Course is designed to build students' skills to a level where they can begin to communicate with a degree of fluency and spontaneity. Activities such as discussions, presentations and role-plays are used to help students develop their ability to express and explain their viewpoint on a variety of topical issues. Some of the topics covered:
  • travel and culture
  • news and media
  • social issues
  • crime and punishment
  • illness and treatment

Pronunciation Course

Do you find that others are not always able to understand you when you speak English? Do you sometimes have difficulty understanding others when they speak English? Are you frustrated by your lack of progress when you are taught to "listen and repeat" sounds or words? The Sounds of English Course uses a unique method which enables students to learn pronunciation as a physical activity, discovering where and how individual sounds are made. This gives the freedom to be able to practice and improve without being entirely dependent on a teacher The course covers:
  • sounds in isolation
  • words in isolation
A careful assessment is done to identify particular areas of difficulty. A course is then specially developed to meet those needs. The course does not require a specific text book, but individual work sheets, specific exercises and assignments are given to use during the lesson and for homework. This course is only available for individuals, not groups.

Courses for Children

Course are offered for children from 5-10 years old at three levels (from Beginner upwards). These courses offer children the chance to start learning the English language in a relaxed motivating and playful way. The main emphasis is on the interactive use of language, with particular focus on new vocabulary and the development of speaking, fluency and confidence.

Individual Tutoring for Secondary School Students

Short courses or ongoing support is available for secondary school students (11-17 years) who need extra explanation or practice to help them keep up with their school work or improve their marks.

About the intake assessment

To ensure that you are placed at the correct level there is a careful intake procedure which consists of a written grammar test and an informal interview (except for complete beginners) which also gives you an opportunity to talk about your goals, needs and availability.

This procedure takes approximately one hour.

This assessment is free.

More information

Most of my students prefer to have individual lessons in order to have a course which is specifically tailored to their personal needs and have undivided attention, in order to make maximum progress in minimum time. However all courses are available (subject to demand) for small groups (maximum 4 people).

A text book is used as the foundation for all the General English Courses. This is supplemented with extra worksheets, games, online practice exercises, writing and speaking assignments.

It is possible to have an intensive course (10-15 hours per week) or a regular one (1-4 hours per week)